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Monks will then submit your coupons to pre-identified sites and will make sure it goes live and gains maximum popularity. Once we analyze your brief, we will research various coupon sites to create an extensive list of most relevant and popular websites to distribute your coupon. Monks will provide you a report after such submission so to ensure that our efforts are measured transparently. Let Commerce Monks help you get the most out of your Discount Codes. Select the coupon distribution package based on your business needs. Distribution To.

For details about the packages or to create a custom package Get in touch. Some of our direct clients are. There are many leading brands for whom we work through Agencies under strict NDA terms. Passionate for E-Commerce. Commerce Monks is a team of E-Commerce specialists having experience of more than 8 years in E-Commerce domain. We offer our specialized services to E-Commerce merchants of any shape and size, be it an ambitious startup or a veteran Multi Channel retailer.

Apart from discounting your product on coupon sharing sites, you can also build natural backlinks. Anytime you submit promotional codes to top coupon sites, ensure that you include your site's link. This link will help you generate traffic to your site.

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Ensure you are consistent in offering discounts on products, that'll help in bringing new customers to your site. Do you have any online shopping coupon sites that you'll like to share with us? Or do you need us to make changes on the list of coupon websites above? Please use the comment box below to tell us about it. I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say: Using the free coupon submission sites to promote your brand is difficult to do especially when there are so many scam online coupon sites.

Or is it? In this article, I'm going to show you the top free coupon submission sites list in What is a coupon? Why do you need to offer coupon codes? What are coupon code submission sites? How to create coupons? Add expiry date Offering discounts on your products is a good strategy to encourage your customers to buy more. Be brief and clear with your message You don't have to use strict terms and conditions on your coupon code.

Use Original Call to action To attract customers to your site, your call to action must be visible to them. Use trackable codes No matter what the type of code you're offering, you need to track each code through their lifespan.

What are the benefits of coupon submission? Database of your target audience Your target audiences are your customers or potential customers. Low cost of advertisement By using high da coupon submission sites , you can advertise your company at zero cost. Generate traffic Discounts on products is an attractive strategy to get more people to your site.

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More customers to your company Most online shoppers always look for coupon codes before buying products. Sales of old products For one reason or another, some products might not sell well. How to register on the coupon submission sites? Follow the steps below to register on coupon submission sites.

First, make restrictions to high DA coupon submission sites. Choose a site from your list of top coupon sites and sign up for an account. Login to the site and click the "Submit a Coupon" button. To submit a code, move your mouse above "My Account" in the top right-hand corner to open the drop down menu. Click "Submit a Coupon" and follow the instructions.

Submit A Coupon Code – Save by Shopping with Coupons and Deals

The Mommy Insider is a parenting and lifestyle blog for mothers. In addition to the usual features, it allows users to sort through new, expiring, and free shipping coupons, so those are all good categories to keep in mind when designing your promotions. When you visit the site, look for the box titled "Add Your Coupon," and follow the instructions. Promotion Code is a website that includes a blog on saving money. It also allows users to set up alerts for specific brands, guaranteeing that they know any time a new promotion for that brand is posted.


To post your promotion, click "Add Code" from the menu bar. If the menu bar only shows "Directory" and "Search," your window is too small—open it full screen, and the option will appear. CouponGreat allows users to browse categories including cash back deals and free samples. To submit a deal, scroll all the way to the bottom. I Love Coupons is an Australian site. To post your coupon, look at the tabs on the top right side of the screen and click "Post Coupon. Coupons and Deals is a UK coupon site. To submit your coupon, click on "Submit Deal" in the menu bar. While there are some options that require payment, the free options will get you on the site and provide you with the backlink.

The Krazy Coupon Lady promotes not just the coupons, but the extreme couponing lifestyle. There are actually two ladies behind the site, and they also have an eBook that they claim will "change your lives. The best way to focus your marketing efforts locally is by creating mini cards or folded business cards and handing them out around town.

They have some great-looking designs that you can use, or you can create your own by uploading pictures and editing the text. If you choose the second option, you can easily import your favorite photos from social sites like Facebook, Etsy, Flickr, Picasa, and Smugmug. On the other side of the card you can add your business information, phone number, coupon code, and website.

There are many customization options to choose from including font, colors, size, and text background. The best way to use business cards is to define your target market and focus your efforts on putting your cards in front of those people. Your target market will depend on what type of product or business you are promoting. Make a list of the type of people likely to use your products and services.

For example, if your business is related to nutrition and exercise, you would list things like outdoors enthusiasts, healthy parents, runners, cyclists, gym goers, doctors, etc. The next step is to make a list of places where you can find the type of people who would be interested in your company. Using the health and nutrition example, you can find the types of people in the previous list in places like gyms, health food stores, yoga studios, stores that have a fitness equipment section, coffee shops, etc.

Next is the fun part! You get to go around to these types of places and reach your target market. Visit these businesses and ask to leave a couple of cards with a special discount for their customers. Most places are happy to display your cards.

The only time one may have a problem is if you are competing with it directly, perhaps by selling something that it already sells. After you have reached your target market, you can start advertising to other areas as well. Sometimes you can get away with setting up your cards in busy public areas without asking. The best places to try this is the airport, public libraries, restaurant bathrooms, colleges and universities in their student lounges, mall food courts, waiting rooms auto repair shops, doctor's offices, hair salons etc , magazine stands, grocery carts, and as many other places you can think of.