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However, you should be careful with this.

Will Grocery Stores Accept Expired Coupons?

If you use an expired coupon then the machine will reject it. However, the human handling the machine can make the decision to use it anyway. Tip: Grocery stores are more likely to override store coupons than manufacturer coupons.

WALMART Coupon "Overage" Policy - Can They Give You Cash?

In general, the smaller the store, the more leeway the store manager has to make decisions about whether or not to accept coupons. The grace period is usually a few days but can be up to a month. Kyle says that this frequently happens with Walmart coupons, so you should always try to use expired coupons there. Use this approach, as well as asking cashiers for an override, with that in mind. You can use it to check your coupons at home to see what information is encoded in them.

Walmart’s Updated Coupon Policy: Check Out the Changes!

Harris Teeter grocery store is also on that list. Sometimes you will come across a coupon that has no expiration date. The more you know the rules you can muscle to your advantage, the easier it is to save a few extra bucks on your next trip to the store. Photo by Carol Pyles. The A.

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Walmart's Coupon Policy | Coupons

Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Granted the coupon expired only 2 days earlier, but my cashier immediately did an override to make the coupon good. I asked if that was standard policy, and he said that most cashiers will override an expired coupon if it has expired within the last 7 days.

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Great to know. An expired coupon at Michaels simply means you have the wrong coupon. Thanks to current employee Geo, who let me know that you can indeed use expired Petco coupons well after the printed expiration date.

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You stand a great chance of saving some money on an otherwise useless coupon. I have it on good authority from a current employee that Petsmart will indeed take expired coupons.

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Will it work all the time at every location? Then a little more digging, and I discovered another video telling us the same thing. I learned this from a lady I was checking out behind at Walmart, several of her coupons were expired but were still accepted by the computer when the cashier scanned them.