How to start coupon clipping service

When consumers run into hard times financially, finding ways to save money is a top priority.

Extreme Couponing - Can Coupon Clippers Become Wealthy?

If you want to make a little extra money, think of ways to meet these needs. One innovative idea is to start a small coupon clipping business in your community.

Coupon Inventory

Some price-conscious people may not have the time or patience to clip and file all of the coupons they receive in the mail each week — so do it for them for a small fee. Purchase supplies for your coupon clipping business. The basics include a cutting machine or tool, stamps and envelopes to hold coupons. You can either use plain 10 envelopes or get special custom ones designed to identify your new small business.

Use Coupons and Save

Set a price for your coupon service that residents can afford. You can charge weekly or monthly. Base your fee on your estimate of what you can save them. Create a database of customers.

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You can simply visit the homes of interested friends and community members to start soliciting business. The Coupon Clippers clips and hand sorts each customer's order of coupons. The key, you may have noticed, is stacks and stacks of coupons. Where in the world do they get all of those coupons, you may have wondered.

Founded by Rachael Woodard in , TCC serves approximately , customers, shipping between 1,, orders of coupons per week. The average coupon-clipping consumer, who tears or clips coupons out of their weekly newspaper insert, may be perfectly satisfied with saving a few bucks on their groceries.

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They want to stock up on laundry detergent to last a few weeks or months. That means finding more coupons.

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She charges a handling fee for finding, clipping and packaging the coupons that customers request, but that fee is not for the coupons themselves. And since Woodard purchases hundreds of newspapers each week and culls the coupons she stocks, her attorney has advised her that sharing them with customers is legal. Most coupon clipping outfits acquire their inserts at no cost, and not always through legitimate means, she says.

Woodard got her start in the couponing world working for a now-defunct coupon clipping service in The business relied on workers who volunteered at recycling centers pulling out coupon inserts from the waste stream.

How to Start a Coupon-Clipping Website

Workers like Woodard then handed them over to her employer. Unfortunately, that company shut down in when manufacturers began short-dating their coupons; instead of a day expiration, they went to and day expiration dates. Woodard quickly realized she could do a better job of connecting customers with coupons efficiently via the internet.