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The buying period depends on how much stuff you bring in, and if there are other people ahead of you that are having their stuff looked at. The entire process for me was 1 hour because I had one person with a small bag of items ahead of me, then I had brought in an Ikea sized bag of items and an additional medium size shopper bag. During this time, I was able to scour the racks, try on selects and also film tidbits around the store. If you don't want to take the items that didn't sell with you, you have the option to leave those items at the store to then later be donated.

I figured that I would come back to Uptown Cheapskate to get my shop on when I'm looking for something new to add to my closet, so I went for the store credit option. What wasn't sold was a pair of red denim jeans, a couple white tops that most likely looked too worn, a few bags in bright neon colors and a chambray top. I was really surprised at the variety of used and new merchandise available in the store. This is definitely a great spot to find new pieces to add into your wardrobe, or go on a shopping spree for an entirely new wardrobe great for the back to school shoppers.

The racks are organized by categories: shorts, sweaters, jackets, maxi dresses, tanks to long sleeve tops and so on, and some of the racks are color coordinated. Did not feel welcomed.

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I was told I had to work a 17 hour work day because a shift leader quit. Poor management, no breaks, and low salary. I would not recommend anyone to work here unless standing on your feet for hours on end with no breaks is something you enjoy. The management was terrible, and my interview was conducted in the "breakroom", which seemed more like a closet.

There were no designated break times, access to the bathroom was behind a rack of clothes, and I often stayed after store-hours to clean.

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Sometimes alright. The store itself is a fun place, and the work itself is not hard. Customers are often really nice, and the work isn't hard to learn. The coworkers are what made the work environment awful. Managers have favoritism, and if you're not in the clique, forget it. Specifically, your managers and their favorite coworkers would stand behind the counter and make hang out plans, talk about marijuana, music, and anything else that wasn't work related.

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But they make sure you're actually working, of course. The customers and the rewarding work are great things about the job, as well as discounts on items. Good Highschool Job.

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The job overall had flexible hours, super fun people, and really good discounts on the product. Perfect for someone looking for something part-time or temporary. The Owner was the worst to work for. I left because the owner stopped mailing my checks and I had to call the labor board to get paid. I was the only black sales rep at the time and she made me feel like it. The management was awful and there was too much drama around the working environment. Pay was good but never really had a real position at this job.

Fun, but poor compensation and advancement.

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  • Worked at the Peoria, AZ location. Positions were given based on age, not qualifications.

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    Raises were pathetic. Horrible management decisions which left the employees feeling discouraged. Owners gossip about employees. Unprofessional and unable to take criticism seriously. Unwilling to give responsibility to employees seeking career advancement opportunities.

    Fun environment and friendly staff. A typical day was fun and usually stress free. I learned how to not micromanage. I learned about trends.

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    I learned how to help employees grow and thrive. The most enjoyable part of the job was make a customer feel good in the clothes that they were trying on and buying. We are looking for friendly, highly motivated people to join our team of Fashion Consultants. As a Sales Associate at Uptown, you will help our customers find great deals by ensuring a neat and organized sales floor, exceptional customer service, and speedy processing of the clothes we buy every day.

    The Sales Associate will need to work quickly to assist in the tagging, hanging, sensoring, and processing our merchandise, as we buy in large amounts of inventory daily. Our Fashion Consultants need to be able to provide exceptional customer service as it is our 1 priority, so a friendly and positive attitude is always needed! We are staffing up to fill our needs quickly, so if you feel you would be a great fit for our growing company please attach your resume with your availability and the best method of reaching you.

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